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PNNL Careers FAQ

Need Help?If you have questions or encounter any difficulties completing your on-line application, please send your questions to .
Note: PNNL help desk hours are 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m., PST Monday through Friday. We are closed weekends and holidays.

Technical Assistance and General Help

How do I get technical support?

If you have technical problems with your online application, please contact us immediately via . Note: PNNL help desk hours are 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m., PST Monday through Friday. We are closed weekends and holidays. We cannot accommodate applications for positions that have closed or are no longer posted.

I am having technical issues when applying and I'm getting kicked out of the system. What should I do now?

If you receive an error while applying, the tips below may help:

  • Clear all internet cache files including temporary internet files, cookies, etc.
  • If the PNNL's web site was reached from a third-party website, please access PNNL Careers directly.
  • Add as a trusted site.
  • Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.
  • Do not use you browser's back and forward buttons unless there are no other options for navigation on the page
  • If you receive an error message that says "Contact System Admin," navigate to the previous step and retry the action a few times. If the error still occurs, please log out and try again.
  • Try a different browser or device.

If you have tried all the tips above, but still have issues or receive errors, document details about the specific error and the point in the process where they occurred and for assistance. Please consider including the following information in your email so we may assist you more quickly:

  • What Operating System are you using (Windows, Macintosh, etc.)?
  • What web browser are you using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and what version?
  • What URL (website address) are you accessing?
  • Do you see any error messages? If so, what do they say?
  • Are you accessing our website from a third-party website
  • What is your username?

Getting Started

What is PNNL Careers?

PNNL Careers is the PNNL online application system. The website allows you to view current open positions at the Lab and submit applications for those you wish to pursue.

How do I find out what jobs are currently available?

You can see all current job openings under View All Jobs on the PNNL Careers page. Scroll through this list to browse open jobs or search for jobs in one of these ways:

  • Use the links on the left side of the screen to apply filters that will narrow your search
  • Search by job opening ID (if known) or keywords.

I don't have a login. What do I do?

If this is your first visit to our PNNL Careers online application system, click on a job posting that interests you and click the green Apply for Job button at the bottom of the page. This will open a sign-in window where existing users can sign in or new users can choose Register Now to register as a new user. You will be asked to enter basic profile information that includes creating a unique user name and password. Passwords are case sensitive.

Are there any tips for searching the open jobs?

  • Search for phrases: Use quotes (" ") around words that make up a phrase. (For example: "Computational Biology")
  • Search for all words: Use an ampersand (&) to specify that all words must appear in the results. (For example: doctorate & biology)
  • Search for Any Words: Use a pipe (|) to specify that any word must appear in the results. (For example doctorate | biology)
  • Search for Partial strings: Use an asterisk (*) to search for partial strings. (For example comput* would return words beginning with comput such as computational and computer)

How do I apply for jobs?

If you are a new user: Click on a job title that you’re interested in and then on the green Apply for Job button at the bottom of the screen. Use the New User link at the bottom of the sign-in page to create a new applicant account. You will be prompted to create a user name and password. After you have created a unique login, you will be able to apply for open positions. If you are a returning applicant: Sign in using your user name and password. You can click on View Latest Jobs to display our current job openings. From here you can click on a job title to review the job description and click the Apply for Job button if you wish to apply for that position.

Can I be alerted if jobs that fit my interests become available?

Yes. Follow the instructions below to create a job notification alert.

  1. Log in to PNNL Careers or register as a new user.
  2. Enter your search terms in the Search Jobs box.
  3. Click Save Search.
  4. Enter a Search Name.
  5. Check the box to select Email me when new jobs meet my criteria.
  6. Verify your email address.
  7. Click Save.

You can edit your saved searches and modify the email address used for alerts or other details at any time. There is no limit on how long you can save searches or the number of searchers you can save. To cancel a notification or delete a search, log in, go to My Saved Searches and select the search you wish to modify. You can uncheck Email me when new jobs meet my criteria or choose Delete.

Can I apply for more than one job posting at a time?

You can have more than one application in our system at the same time, but you have to apply for each job individually. After you submit your application for a job, you will receive a confirmation that your application has been successfully submitted. To apply for another job, return to the Search Jobs page (To do this use the Action List link, located on the right side of the careers banner and select Careers). Click on View All Jobs, open the job description for another job, click the Apply for Job button to apply for that position, and so on. If you are logged on, the system will pre-populate each application with the information you’ve already provided. You will still have to provide any additional information or answer additional questions as needed for each job.

Can I submit a blank application online and let you determine the job or jobs for which I may qualify?

No, you must complete and submit an individual online application for each job posting. Due to the high volume of applications received annually, PNNL cannot match candidates to available positions. You can, however, create your profile and upload your resume at any time so that you’ll be ready to apply when a job you are interested in becomes available. To do this, click on View All Jobs near the top of the page and use the Apply without a Job link to create a profile.

Can I enter an application for a position before the job is open?

Only positions that currently are open will appear on our online application system under View All Jobs.

I saw a job posted, but now it's gone. What happened?

If the job is no longer listed, it is no longer open to applicants. It may have been filled, put on hold, or cancelled.

I already applied for one job, but I want to apply for another. Do I have to fill out all my information again?

With PNNL Careers, once you log in using your existing user name and password, the system will remember the information you have already provided and pre-populate those fields. Please verify that the pre-populated information is still accurate. You will have the opportunity to add or edit the pre-populated information for the new job opening as well as answer any application questions that do not pre-populate for each job opening.

Logging on and Preparing your Online Application

I don't have a computer at home. Where can I apply for PNNL jobs?

You can access our on-line applications anywhere you access the Internet. This includes public libraries, community colleges, internet cafes, and personal electronic devices.

I forgot my user name or password. What do I do?

If you are returning to our online application system and already are a registered user, you can log in with the same user name and password you used at your last visit. If you do not remember your sign-in information, please click the Forgot User Name or Forgot Password links on the sign-in page.

I already created an online application and applied for positions. When I returned to apply for additional jobs, I received a message saying "User Name already exists." What do I do?

As a returning applicant that already has an account, please click Sign In and reset your user name and/or password if you have forgotten them.

  1. To reset your user name: Click the Forgot User Name link to access the page where you can request an email reminder of the user name associated with your email address.
  2. To reset your password: Click the Forgot Password link to access the page where you can request email instructions to create a new password.

When I try to log on, I get a message that says "Email address is already in use, enter a unique email address." What do I do?

If you are an active PNNL employee the system will recognize your PNNL-issued email address. Internal candidates should use myHR to apply for positions. If you’re not an active PNNL employee, please click on Forgot User Name or Forgot Password and follow the steps to recover the PNNL Careers log-in information associated with your email address.

I need to change my contact information. How can I change the name, address, email addresses or phone numbers listed on my online applications?

You can update your contact information at any time. Simply sign into PNNL Careers using your user name and password, click on the My Account Information from the main menu or the Action link (located on the right side of the Careers Banner). After updating your information, click the Save button. Changes made to your contact details will update the information on any applications you have already submitted as well as any new ones you create.

The position I am applying for requires my transcripts, letter of recommendation or other documentation. Do I need to submit the required documents at the time I apply?

Yes. If you are applying for a position that requires certain documentation, you will be required to provide it with your application. Please merge all documents into one file and attach it in the resume step of the application process.

Do I need to list all the positions I have held?

No, however, to increase your chances of being considered for a position, you will want your application to be a complete and accurate representation of your education and work experience. We encourage you to include any experience applicable to the position you are seeking.

I see there is a close date for the job I am applying for, but no close time. What is the deadline?

You may submit your application up until 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) on the close date. Applicants are STRONGLY encouraged not to wait until the last minute to submit their application for several reasons:

  1. If you do not COMPLETELY finish your on-line application and click the Submit Application button before 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) on the closing date our system will not accept your application.
  2. It is impossible to predict technical difficulties, on your end OR ours. PNNL is not responsible for technical difficulties or delays.

Do I have a time limit on how long I can spend on each section of the application?

You can take as long as you need to fill out the application, but to protect the security of your data, the system will log you out after 90 minutes of inactivity.

Can I start an application and come back later to finish it?

If you are unable to finish your application, choose Save as Draft from the actions list to complete your application at another time without having to start over. However, please keep in mind that your application cannot be submitted after the Close Date listed in the job details.

Can I print my application?

PNNL is committed to sustainability so we encourage you to view your applications electronically. You may view an application summary for any application(s) that you have submitted by logging in and going to My Job Applications, and then choosing the desired job title. If you would like to print the entire application, you will need to print each section separately by right clicking on the page and selecting Print.

What happens after I apply for a position?

After submitting your online application, you will see an on-screen confirmation message, as well as receive an email message to let you know that your application has been successfully submitted.

You may check your application status at any time by signing in on the Job Search page using your User Name and Password and choosing My Job Applications. You will be able to see real-time status updates that include whether your application has been routed to the hiring manager for further consideration, you have been scheduled for an interview, or you are no longer being considered for the position, etc.

Is there a way to see a list of the positions for which I applied as well as where my application is in the hiring process?

Sign in on the Job Search page using your user Name and password and choose My Job Applications to view a list of the positions you have applied for and whether your application was submitted or not submitted. Subsequent status updates will be communicated with you directly by email, with messages pertaining to each job sent individually to the primary email address listed on your My Account Information page.

Can you define the application statuses?

  • Draft Not Submitted: Your application has been "Saved for Later" and has not been submitted to PNNL. You will need to submit your application on or before the job close date for that position for it to be considered. The "Date Created" field captures the date and time that you started the application, even if it was not submitted.
  • Application Submitted: Your application was submitted successfully, and we are currently reviewing your experience and qualifications. The “Date Submitted” field displays the date and time that the application was submitted.
  • Linked to another Job ID: Your application has been linked to another position that you may be interested in and qualified to fill.
  • Under Review: Your application is pending further review.
  • Routed to Hiring Team: Based on your experience and qualifications, your application has been routed to the hiring team for consideration.
  • Chosen for Interview: Your interview with the hiring team has been scheduled.
  • Offer in Progress: We have extended a job offer to you for your consideration.
  • Offer Accepted: You have accepted our offer of employment! We will be in contact soon regarding next steps.
  • You got the Job: We are taking the final steps needed for you to join PNNL.
  • You are Hired: Everything is in place and you are now an employee at PNNL.
  • Pending Consideration: Your application is pending further review.
  • Interview—Other Position: We are interviewing you for a different position at PNNL. If you wish to check your status as it relates to that position, look for status updates associated with that job title.
  • Offer—Other Position: We have offered you a different position at PNNL, not the one associated with this job title.
  • Not Selected: You are no longer being considered for this opportunity or the position has been cancelled and is not being filled. You can explore other job openings you might find interesting on the PNNL Careers page.
  • Failed Prescreening: The information you provided does not meet the minimum requirements for this job. You will not be considered for this opportunity. You can explore other job openings you might find interesting on the PNNL Careers page.
  • Application withdrawn: You have withdrawn your application for this position or requested that it be withdrawn on your behalf. Please reapply if you wish to remain in consideration.

Do I need to add in all my employment information, including my current job duties if I am a current PNNL employee?

Remember, internal candidates should use myHR to search and apply for open positions. Employees’ applications are evaluated based only on the information provided on their applications. Omission of current position and/or duties may result in the rejection of your application.

I am a former PNNL employee. Do I need to do anything special?

In the How did you find out about us section under Referrals, there is a question that asks if you are a former employee, please select Yes from the drop down list and enter your approximate last day of employment (MM/DD/YYYY).

What defines a former PNNL employee?

Anyone who has been on the PNNL payroll and received paychecks at any point in the past is considered a former employee. This includes regular full-time, regular part-time and limited-term employees.

Information about Recruiting and Hiring at PNNL

Does PNNL accept paper applications?

No, all applications for full-time, part-time and limited-term positions or internships must be submitted online per Department of Energy requirements.

Do you provide accommodations for persons with disabilities?

Yes, information about accessibility is available online, including details about who to contact if you need an accommodation to apply online for positions at PNNL.

How do I find out about internships?

We have many different internship programs, from summer assignments to year-round opportunities. The Work-based Learning website has information about opportunities and programs for high school students; undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students; and visiting faculty.

Why do some jobs require U.S. Citizenship?

As a Department of Energy national laboratory, there are some positions that require that candidates be U.S. Citizens due to the nature of the work. Some positions may also require that the candidate have, or be able to obtain, a security clearance. These requirements will always be clearly stated on the job posting.

In addition to applying online, would you recommend that I also forward my resume directly to the hiring department or Human Resources?

While we appreciate your enthusiasm, the online application is the official way to apply for positions at PNNL. Applicants who forward resumes to Human Resources or the recruiting department will be redirected back to the online system.

How will I know if I am being considered for a position?

After the position is closed, we will communicate directly with you by email regarding each position for which you have applied. These messages may notify you that your application for that job is being routed for further consideration, that you are longer being considered, or that the position has been cancelled. These messages will be sent to the primary email you listed in the My Account Information page. Due to the large number of applications we receive for each job opening, we ask that you wait until you receive these updates before contacting us for more details.

How quickly after applying may I be called for an interview?

The length of time it takes for applicants to be called for interviews and ultimately to fill a vacancy varies from department to department and position to position. Some searches last several weeks while others may take several months.

How can I increase my chances of being called for an interview?

Given the competitive nature of positions at PNNL, we strongly recommend that you target and apply only for those positions where your experience and qualifications closely meet the position's requirements. Be sure to carefully read the job description and pay special attention to the experience and skills that are being sought, as well as any specific requirements. Remember that your online application will only be considered for those positions where you meet the minimum requirements. Applying for positions that do not match your qualifications is not recommended.

When will my references be contacted?

Reference checks typically occur during the final stages of the selection or hiring process. Prior to a job offer, your references may be contacted to aid in that final decision, but you will be notified in advance. In most cases, reference checks are done after a contingent offer is made. Some positions also require proof of licensure or certification; successful completion of an extensive background investigation and pre-employment drug test. All PNNL offers are contingent until all pre-employment requirements are met.

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